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From "Michael D. Curtin" <>
Subject Re: Documents that know more?
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 14:43:56 GMT
Furash Gary wrote:

> I'm sure this is just a design point that I'm missing, but is there a
> way to have my document objects know more about themselves?
> At the time I create my document, I know a bit about how information is
> being stored in it (e.g., this field represents a SOUNDEX copy, etc.),
> yet the logic for that kind of stuff is kept in separate, unrelated
> classes that have to be used properly in the document creation/retrieval
> programs.
> Would it make sense and, if so, is there a way to embed more logic in my
> document objects (or some kind of subclass)?

Whether it would make sense for your application or not is something I think 
you're going to have to decide yourself.  From your description, it sounds 
like it might be useful to have some of that additional information around later.

If so, how about adding a field or two to your Lucene index that store the 
additional facts?  You don't have to index them, if you don't intend to search 
based on them.  If you use an efficient encoding scheme, such fields might not 
add much to your disk usage either.

Good luck!


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