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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Reviving a dead index
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 11:31:32 GMT
Stanislav Jordanov wrote:
> What might be the possible reason for an IndexReader failing to open 
> properly,
> because it can not find a .fnm file that is expected to be there:

This means the segments files is referencing a segment named _1j8s and 
in trying to load that segment, the first thing Lucene does is load the 
"field infos" (_1j8s.fnm).  It tries to do so from a compound file (if 
you have it turned on & it exists), else from the filesystem directly.

Which version of Lucene are you using?  And which OS are you running on?

Is this error easily repeated (not a transient error)?  Ie, 
instantiating an IndexSearcher against your index always causes this 
exception?  Because, this sort of exception is certainly possible when 
Lucene's locking is not working correctly (for exmple over NFS), but in 
that case it's typically very intermittant.

Could you send a list of the files in your index?

> The only thing that comes to my mind is that last time the indexing 
> process was not shut down properly.
> Is there a way to revive the index or everything should be reindexed 
> from scratch?

Hmmm.  It's surprising that an improper shutdown caused this because 
when the IndexWriter commits its change, it first writes all files for 
the new segment and only when that's successful does it write a new 
segments file referencing the newly written segment.  Could you provide 
some more detail about your setup and how the improper shutdown happened?


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