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From Laurent Hoss <>
Subject Re: "Field Grouping" query restrained to same field on a 'multi'-field'
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 08:02:22 GMT
Yonik Seeley wrote:
> On 8/8/06, Laurent Hoss wrote:
>> Suppose having an Index containing Lucene documents, having multiple
>> fields (equally) named 'paragraph'.
>> Now I want to make a "Field Grouping" query (described in:
>> )
>>  "paragraph:( word1 AND word2 )"
>> retrieving only documents where the terms word1,word2 appear in the SAME
>> 'paragraph' Field (and not word1 in one 'paragraph' field, and word2
>> possibly in another 'paragraph' field in this doc).
> You could do this with the current query parser by putting large
> position increment gaps between paragraphs that is guaranteed to be
> larger than the largest paragraph.  Then you could use a sloppy phrase
> query
> "word1 word2"~10000 for instance.
> That would also score documents higher the closer together the words
> appeared (which may or may not be desirable).
> -Yonik
> Solr, the open-source Lucene search 
> server
We had the same idea ;)
Unfortunatelly this only makes sense for simple AND/phrase Queries, but 
we also want more complex boolean queries like :
"nice cat" AND ("mouse" OR "rat" ) AND NOT ("dog")

Scoring right now doesn't interest us (!) , just whether it is a hit or 
not  (though I must admit it could improve the quality of our results , 
like for browsing the top xx results )
Therefor I would really like to know  if the 'feature' I had in mind , 
is feasible , maybe (only) when scoring is ignored  ?
(Btw, is there an option to switch off scoring ?  Could that improve 
performance in general?)


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