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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Modify index on database update
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 15:25:07 GMT

>   My application database can be updated outside the application also. Whenever there
is a change in database by some other source, I want to update my index.
>   Is there any way to do so?
>   I am using Java and the database is DB2. I saw the DB2 UDF. But I have to put the jar
inside the DB2 installation directory. I dont know how to communicate with my application/update

Yes, this certainly is possible.

The simplest approach would be to rebuild the entire index periodically, 
however, this is not very efficient.

A better approach is to reindex just the rows that have changed since 
you last indexed.

To do this, first, you need to implement your own method of tracking 
which rows of which tables have changed inside DB2.  Perhaps you could 
use a timestamp column and then issue a SELECT WHERE timestamp > 
last-index-time.  Make sure last-index-time is DB2's timestamp to avoid 
clock skew issues.

Then, for each changed document, you need to add the new doc and remove 
the old one (Lucene doesn't have a "replace document" ).  Typically you 
would index the primary key into Lucene, and then use IndexReader's or 
IndexModifier's 'deleteDocuments(Term term)' to delete the document by 
its primary key.  Then add the new document.  If you have a group of 
documents that need re-indexing, it's best to first delete all of them, 
and then re-add all of them (ie, bunch the deletes & adds).  This gives 
better performance.

The third (and likely best, depending on tradeoffs) approach is to have 
some sort of "push" or "triggers" coming out of DB2 that notifies you 
whenever a row is changed.  If UDF inside DB2 allows for this that would 
be great (I don't know anything about UDF -- likely you'd need to roll 
your own such communication coming out of DB2).  Then, you re-index each 
document when it's changed instead of polling periodically.

In any case, make sure you close/re-open your IndexSearchers 
periodically so that they see the newly deleted/added documents.  And 
make sure the lock directory is the same directory across all of your 
processes, and, it is a directory in a locally mounted file system (ie 
not NFS or Samba) as there known issues for those.


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