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From "Zhao, Xin" <>
Subject Re: controlled vocabulary
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 19:54:34 GMT
now. i have a second thought about one meah term per document. the scoring 
formula(hits too) is based on document, right? does it mean that we 
shouldn't have more than one document for each object indexed?
for example, i try to index a publication,  for some of the information, 
like title, abstract i would like to store and index them using default 
similarity, while the other information i would like to use customized 
similarity. i probably should use a different indexing directory and writer 
instead of two documents in the same index, right?
thank you for helping me. you could see that i am in the early learning 
stage now.

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From: "Zhao, Xin" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: controlled vocabulary

> Hi,
> Thank you for your reply. I had thought about the first two solutions 
> before. If we apply one doc for each MeSH term, it would be 26 docs for 
> each item digested(we actually need the top 25 MeSH terms generated), 
> would it be any problem if there are too many documents? If we apply field 
> name like "mesh_1", "mesh_2"..., when it comes to search, we will have to 
> generate a loop for each single one of the query terms( there will be more 
> than 20-30 terms on average, since we are using sematic web to implement 
> concept search), do you think it would affect the performance in a very 
> bad way?
> Regards,
> Xin
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> From: "Dedian Guo" <>
> To: <>; "Zhao, Xin" <>
> Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006 4:22 PM
> Subject: Re: controlled library
>> in my solution, you can apply one doc for each mesh term, or apply 
>> different
>> keyword such as "mesh_1"...."mesh_10" for your top 10 terms...or u can 
>> group
>> your mesh terms as one string then add into a field, which requires a 
>> simple
>> string parser for the group string when you wanna read the terms...
>> not sure if that works or answers your question...
>> On 8/24/06, Zhao, Xin <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a design question. Here is what we try to do for indexing:
>>> We designed an indexing tool to generate standard MeSH terms from 
>>> medical
>>> citations, and then use Lucene to save the terms and citations for 
>>> future
>>> search. The information we need to save are:
>>> a) the exact mesh terms (top 10)
>>> b) the score for each term
>>> so the codings are like
>>> -----------------------------------
>>> for the top 10 MeSH Terms
>>> myField=Field.Keyword("mesh", mesh.toLowerCase());
>>> myField.setBoost(score);
>>> doc.add(myFiled);
>>> end for
>>> ------------------------------------
>>> as you could see we generate all the terms under named field "mesh". If 
>>> I
>>> understand correctly, all the fields under the same name would
>>> eventually  save into one field, with all the scores be normalized into
>>> filed boost. In this case, we wouldn't be able to save separate score, 
>>> so
>>> the information is lost. Am I correct? Is there anyway we could change 
>>> it? I
>>> understand Lucene is for keyword search, and what we try to do is 
>>> Controlled
>>> Vocabulary search, Any other tool we could use?
>>> Thank you,
>>> Xin
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