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From "Tomi NA" <>
Subject combined filesystem and web search
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 10:41:05 GMT
I plan to make lucene (and nutch) a key element in an intranet
solution, but I only know about lucene what I've read in the last
couple of days.
Here's what I'd like opinions about.

I would like to build a single point of access to data on intranet web
pages and LAN shared documents.

I've looked into the file:// vs. http:// issue and it seems that it
doesn't make sense securitywise to use file:// so I'd make the shares
accessible through a web server and *then* index them.
However, if I leverage the web inbuilt lucene search, I'd build two
"indices" (please pardon the lack of knowledge of lucene terminology).
Can I search over two indices? Do I have to merge them? How would I do
the former or the latter?
Is there a good explanation somewhere how to set up incremental
indexing, rather than e.g. building the whole index over nightly?
Will lucene produce usable results, knowing that there'll be no rich
interlinking between a major part of the content (shared docs) to base
ranking upon? I know lucene uses a number of criteria to rank
documents upon: I'm asking about real-world experiences and subjective
grading quality impressions.
Does anyone have similar experiences with intranet  enterprise data searching?


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