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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Method to speed up caching for faceted navigation
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 07:44:21 GMT

: I looked at the implementation of 'read(int[], int[])' in
: 'SegmentTermDocs' and saw that it did the following things:
: - check if the document has a frequency higher than 1, and if so read
: it;
: - check if the document has been deleted, and if so don't add it to the
: result;
: - store the document IDs, counts and frequences in attributes instead of
: local variables.
: Given that the following preconditions hold in my situation:
: - all documents have a frequency of 1 for the term;
: - I never delete documents using the 'IndexReader' from which I get the
: 'TermDocs' object;
: - I am only interested in the document IDs.

I don't think it really matters wether you do deletes on the same
IndexReader -- what matters is if there has been any deletes done to the
index prior to opening the reader since it was last optimized.  The reason
being that deleting a document just causes a record of the deletion to be
made, but no Term/DOc mapping information is removed.

So if your index is read only and will never contain any deleted
documents, then your method may be safe (i'm not 100% certain of that,
just guessing) but if it's possible for documents to be deleted from your
index at some point, then i'm 99% sure your approach will result it
indicating matches on documents which are no longer "viable"


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