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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Architecture for indexing/searching mailing list archives
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 01:26:50 GMT
: I suspect that 3 is actually better. You can use CachingWrapperFilter to

I'm not so sure of that ... if you've got thousands of mailing lists, some
of which are used very infrequently, and you don't *ever* need to search
more then one at a time then having a seperate index for each will help
reduce the amount of "chachable" info you have to throw away every time
you get a new message.

Using just the Lucene mailing lists as an example: the FieldCache of the
Date field is something that's going to be very handy for sorting messages
by date ... if java-user/java-dev/java-commits/general/c-dev/c-user/etc.
are all all in one index, then any new message in any of those lists is
going to invalidate the FieldCache.  if you put them in seperate indexes
however, then a slew of mail to the java-user list doesn't affect the
java-dev list's date FieldCache.


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