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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Best way to Add items to Index in Real Time
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 00:31:51 GMT

: I'm a novice with this, so I'll appreciate your patience.
: I'm using a batch program for doing the additions and deletions while a
: separate web app for searching. How can I ensure that these two different
: apps (one making the changes to index and the other just searching) don't
: run into each others' paths? Or am I ignorant of something really basic
: here?

if both of these applications are running on the same machine, then the
built in locking mechanims in the Lucene code base should prevent any
errors from happening unless you circumvent the locks (you would have to
go out of your way to do this).  if the applications are on seperate
machines writing to some shared disk hen that may be the source of your
problem -- the lock files are by default stored in the system tmp
directly, even if you changed the location of the lock files (the mailing
list archive has info on how to do this) there is no garuntee that it will
work because some "remote filesystems" (notably NFS) have issues with
garunteeing a consistent "view" of the index directroy (again, google can
fill you in)

your best bet (assumming i'm right and you are working on two differnet
machines) is to use a copy the index to local disk i na new location
(seperate from the "old" index crrently in use) open a new searcher, and
then swap the refrences.  This is (approximately) the approach taken by

If i'm wrong about the multiple machine thing, then i have no idea what's
causing your problem .. cna you post some more details -- preferably
including some stack traces from the various types of crashes (you said
both the indexing app and the searching app occasional crash)


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