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From "Furash Gary" <>
Subject General Approach: Analyzer versus Query
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 16:07:02 GMT
For some things, it's obvious that you would have to put them both on
the front end (during indexing) and on the back end.  E.g., if you want
to do a soundex search, you'd want to encode the words with their
soundex version during index creation, and when you query incode the
user's search input as a soundex version.

In other cases, it's not clear to me what the right approach is.  Let's
say user's are sorting by a formatted number: e.g., YYYYNNNNNN, like
2005123456.  User's might put in "05123456" or "2005123456".  In either
case, that query would be considered a hit, with 2005123456 being more
exact than 05123456, but still a good hit.

I could (1) up front, put in both versions of the numbers or (2) during
query, play with the number and search both ways.  What's the best
practice approach?


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