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From "Furash Gary" <>
Subject How do you use a different analyzer by field?
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2006 15:56:04 GMT
Maybe I'm approaching this wrong (apologies) and didn't search correctly
through the archives (mia culpa), but...

If I want to apply a different analyzer to different fields in the
document, how do I do that?  It seems like when you create the index you
pass it an analyzer, and that's the one you're stuck with for any field
added to a document added to the index.  However, for field A, (a type
of case number) I might want to do X, for field B, I might want to do Y.
I could put all this in a bunch of if statements in the analyzer, but
that seems sort of odd - well, not if the assumption of the lucene
creators is that you're always indexing a single coherent real-world
document (which it may have been).

Thanks in advance.

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