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From "Chris Lu" <>
Subject Re: Lucene index database
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 20:05:58 GMT
What Erick and Michael said are all correct, or the same. :)

What Lucene can do is search data that stored into Document objects.
Lucene is said to be able to search html, pdf, etc, but that's because
those formats are relatively fixed. You can easily tell title,
content, etc.

With database, which has more complicated and flexible structures. You
need to code to select data, retrieve content, save into Lucene index,
parse the queries, render the results, and also, keep the index in
sync with the database, etc.

You are welcome to try DBSight to save most of these repeated efforts.

Chris Lu
Lucene Search On Any Databases/Applications

On 7/12/06, Erick Erickson <> wrote:
> This has been extensively discussed in the mail archive, I think a search of
> the archive would help you a lot.
> The short form is no. There's nothing built into Lucene to help you index a
> database. How would you define that anyway? <G>
> That said, you can write a program to extract data from the database and
> index that data. Depending on what you need to do, you can either store
> enough data in the index to satisfy searches, or store data in each
> "document" you index that allows you to "do the right thing" as far as the
> database is concerned to satisfy searches.
> Best
> Erick

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