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From Walt Stoneburner <>
Subject Understanding Lucene Slop
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 00:47:04 GMT

   I'm trying to understand Lucene's slop value a little better, as  
what I'm able to Google about it seems a little ambiguous.

   My main goal is to search for a linear sequence of keywords in a  
specific order over a given range.  For instant I'd like a query of  
"fate ships" to find sentences like "Fate protects fools, little  
children, and ships named Enterprise."  But not the reverse order,  
such as "The ships' fate were revealed in a series of expeditions."

   My current understanding of slop is that if it is zero, the word  
"ships" and "fate" must be next to each other, but the order is  
unimportant, and that a slop of 7 or more would identify the first  
sentence (and also the second).

   Is there a way to direct Lucene that the order is, or is not,  
important?  (e.g. negative slop or something)

Thank you,
Walt Stoneburner,

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