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From Suba Suresh <>
Subject Re: email libraries
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 13:42:33 GMT
Thanks for all the response. I am going to investigate java mail api 
along with Michael's "Email Analyzer" code that was posted in this group.

suba suresh.

John Haxby wrote:
> Andrzej Bialecki wrote:
>> Just for the record - I've been using javamail POP and IMAP providers 
>> in the past, and they were prone to hanging with some servers, and 
>> resource intensive. I've been also using Outlook (proper, not Outlook 
>> Express - this is AFAIK impossible to work with) via a Java-COM bridge 
>> such as Jawin or JNIWrapper plus Redemption . This also tends to be 
>> rather unstable, and requires a lot of fine-tuning ...
> We use javamail a *lot* with the Scalix IMAP server (the web access part 
> uses IMAP underneath).   We have had performance problems with the way 
> that javamail works, although for just scanning a message store to index 
> messages it's OK.   We have tuned the web access code somewhat to make 
> it behave better but we've also re-engineered the IMAP server somewhat, 
> partly with javamail in mind, and performance and resource usage on the 
> server are now somewhat under control.
>> So, be prepared to suffer quite a bit. ;)
> If you're doing complicated things, yes, but if it's simple access for 
> the purposes of indexing then you probably don't need to worry too much.
> jch
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