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From "Michael J. Prichard" <>
Subject PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper use? Analyzer's not being used as expected....
Date Sat, 29 Jul 2006 19:49:30 GMT
So I have the following code...

// let's get our SynonymAnalyzer
SynonymAnalyzer synAnalyzer = getSynonymAnalyzer();
// let's get our EmailAnalyzer
EmailAnalyzer emailAnalyzer = getEmailAnalyzer();

// set up perfieldanalyzer
PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper aWrapper = new PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper(new 
aWrapper.addAnalyzer("subject", synAnalyzer);
aWrapper.addAnalyzer("content", synAnalyzer);
aWrapper.addAnalyzer("from", emailAnalyzer);
aWrapper.addAnalyzer("to", emailAnalyzer);
aWrapper.addAnalyzer("cc", emailAnalyzer);
aWrapper.addAnalyzer("bcc", emailAnalyzer);

// create the writer
try {
    wr = new IndexWriter(indexDir, aWrapper, false);
} catch (IOException iox) {
    // means it ain't there
    wr = new IndexWriter(indexDir, aWrapper, true);


When I add a Document to the IndexWriter it does not seem to use the 
analyzer's I want it too.  Just uses StandardAnalyzer for everythign!  
Is this the correct way to use PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper?


P.S.  I am using Lucene 2 libs.

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