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From Martin Braun <>
Subject Re: dash-words
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 15:24:10 GMT
Hi Yonik,

>> I can't figure out what the parameters does. ;)
> Yes, it will fail without slop... I don't think there is a practical
> way around that.

I am trying to analyze your WordDelimiterFilter.

If I have x-men, after analyzing (with catenateAll) I get this:

 Analzying "The x-men story"
		[the] [x] [men] [xmen] [story]

1: [the:0->3:word]
2: [x:4->5:word]
3: [men:6->9:word] [xmen:4->9:word]
4: [story:10->15:word]

1: [the]
2: [x]
3: [men] [xmen]
4: [story]

So a Phrase search to "The xmen story" will fail. With a slop of 1 the
doc will be found.

But when generating the query I won't know when to use a slop. So adding
slops isn't a nice solution.

Would it be a solution, to take the concatenated synonyms to both
Positions? Or are there any drawbacks with this?

1: [the]
2: [x] [xmen]
3: [men] [xmen]
4: [story]


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