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From Miles Barr <>
Subject Re: Grouping over multiple fields
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 10:56:28 GMT
Krishnendra Nandi wrote:

>Can anybody help me out on this ..?
>I have to search for a particular value over multiple fields and need to 
>know if grouping is allowed over multiple fields 
><some query>    AND   ( AUTHOR_NAME:krish OR EMPLOYEE_NAME:krish )
>Introducing paranthesis "(" is giving me lexical error 

I don't see anything wrong with this, but maybe the query parser doesn't 
like it. You could construct it programatically:

1. Use the QueryParser on <some query>
2. Create TermQuerys for AUTHOR_NAME and EMPLOYEE_NAME
3. Construct the necessary BooleanQuery

If it is the query parser and you need free text queries take a look at 
the JavaCC source and find the bit that handles nested queries and see 
why it doesn't like your field restrictions.


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