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From Jason Calabrese <>
Subject Re: Sorting
Date Sat, 29 Jul 2006 19:39:32 GMT
One fast way to make an alphabetic sort very fast is to presort your docs 
before adding them to the index.  If you do this you can then just sort by 
index order.  We are using this for a large index (1 million+ docs) and it 
works very good, and seems even slightly faster than relevance sorting.

Using this approach may create some maintainance issues since you can't add a 
new doc to the index at a specified position.  Instead you will need to 
re-index everything.

On Saturday 29 July 2006 01:43, neils wrote:
> Hi,
> Lucene sort hits by relevance as default. Cause i would like to sort them
> by a special string field and not by relevance i was thinking about
> dropping the sorting by relevance as default and implement sorting by
> alphabetic order.
> Reason that sorting by alpabetic order takes a lot of time. Makes this
> sense and how can this be done? Or is there another "fast" way to sort by
> alphabetic order ?
> Currently I'm using lucene 1.9.1 (dotnet). The indexsize is currently about
> 2 GB and index is split in two parts and are accessed by a parallelreader.
> Hopefully you can give me a tip if there is a way :-))
> Thanks a lot :-)

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