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From Marius Heinzmann <>
Subject How to use a different score model?
Date Sun, 23 Jul 2006 21:02:10 GMT
Hi everybody,

im currently trying to figure out how to implement another score model in the 
lucene framework. But after reading a lot of source code and a little 
debugging it seems like i have to write a lot of score-classes -- for each 
query type one.
And finally i need to get lucene to use my score-classes somehow.

Well like you see there is still a lot missing in this picture, especially 
how the main search classes (Weight, Similarity, Scorer, Queries) interact to 
finally come to one score.
Unfortunately i haven't found a good documentation or tutorial or hint.
So if anybody knows one im glad to hear about it :)

What i have concluded so far is that:
 - Similarity encapsulates calculations for the IDF, TF, and so on.
 - Weight seems to be an auxillary class to be able to only have one instance
   of a query. (im really not sure what else this is used for)
 - Queries are all the different kinds of queries there are.
 - Scorers are implementations of the scoring model for all those kinds of
(if i got something terribly wrong please correct me)

Now is this the correct or best way to use a different scoring model? It seems 
to me that there has to be a more elegant way, but i haven't found one.
I hope i didn't write too much senseless stuff for i am way too tired right 
now and i hope someone might help me :)

 Marius Heinzmann

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