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From Tom Gissel <>
Subject Improving Lucene Reader Instanciation time
Date Sun, 16 Jul 2006 18:37:27 GMT
I'm a lucene neophyte, so please forgive the simplicity of the my question.  I've been playing
around with Lucene and have noticed that the instantiation of my IndexReader is taking long
time using the following code:

            Directory directory = FSDirectory.getDirectory(this.indexDir, false);
            IndexReader reader = new FilterIndexReader(;

Based upon my very rough tests it seems the instantiation time takes anywhere from 1.7-2.5
seconds on my laptop and doesn't seem to be noticeably proportional to the number of entries
in the index.  For instance with an index directory with 0 entries seems to take nearly the
same amount of time as an index with several thousand entries.

I'm wondering if someone can point me to some documentation describing how to reduce the reader
start up time.  Would a different IndexReader help,  or is there some sort of lazy loading

Thanks in advance for your help.

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