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From "Rob Staveley (Tom)" <>
Subject Date ranges - getting the approach right
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 10:55:47 GMT
For the sake of date ranges, I'm storing dates as YYYYMMDD in my e-mail
indexing application. 

My users typically want to limit their queries to ranges of dates, which
include today. The application is indexing in real time.

I gather I should prefer RangeQuery to ConstantScoreQuery+RangeFilter,
because it is faster not to use a Filter. However, I sometimes have to
combine my RangeQuery with a PrefixQuery and of course TooManyClauses
exceptions arise, when I exceed BooleanQuery.getMaxClauseCount(), which I've
currently left at the default 1024 value.

In a year of 365 days with e-mail messages arriving every day, can I assume
that an inclusive date range of 20050713-20060713 in a RangeQuery is going
to contribute 365 clauses to a BooleanQuery? Can I assume that 5 years would
mean 5 x 365 = 1825 clauses?

If so, how can I figure out how expensive is it in terms of memory
requirement to adjust the maximum clause count to deal with 5 year ranges?


	// Increase the maximum clause count to cope with date ranges
	// up to 5 years - my worst case

Do I need to consider whether this would significantly degrade performance

An alternative would be to assume that my users are mostly going to ask for
e-mail arriving within the last day, two days, week, fortnight, month,
quarter, year, 5 years and pre-cache filters for these typical usage ranges
every time the clock rolls over, using a CachingWrapperFilter with
RangeFilter and to BooleanQuery that with a term query on today's date.


	// Get the cache for predetermined (i.e. already cached) date range,

	// which doesn't include today, because we are indexing all the
	// These ranges were pre-cached at midnight.
	CachingWrapperFilter wrapper = /*  ... */;

	BooleanQuery dateRangeBooleanQuery = new BooleanQuery();
		new ConstantScoreQuery(new RangeFilter(wrapper))
		new TermQuery("20060714")	// i.e. today

	BooleanQuery mainQuery = new BooleanQuery();

How can I figure out how expensive is it in terms of memory requirement to
retain CachingWrappeFilters for a set of date ranges?

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