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From "Aleksander M. Stensby" <>
Subject Index confusion and organization
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 06:55:48 GMT

I tried sending this message yesterday, but I think i wasn't registered  
until now, so i'll post again. (Sorry if this gets doubled up).

I have recently started using Lucene and I must say i love it:)

But, i have a few questions (probably stupid ones), but still, here goes:

I have created one project that reads information from a database, then  
indexes this information in a Lucene Index. This process runs about 4  
times a day (the database has constant input flow).

In the beginning of my development i created a search engine project to  
search this engine (web-based) using lucene and spring. (i have yet to  
investigate Compass Framework)

I have recently found an increasing need to restructure my code-base and  
make the search logic available to other projects aswell. I therefore  
created a search-API and a search-luceneimpl project.

I then created another project, a web service offering the basic search  
feature, with a list of information beans as a return object.

the problem is this, (and the whole confusion regarding indexsearchers,  
writers and stuff:) ):
i noticed today that the webservice only access a "snapshot" of the index,  
 from the actual moment the webservice was loaded. If i then reload the  
webservice context, the results will be "up-to-date" again. So it seems  
that i have done something wrong in my logic. (doh)

In the webservice, i load my searcher-class from the spring-context,  
setting it in the constructor.

The searcher-class have the following logic in its constructor:
   searcher = new IndexSearcher(indexPath);

then i have specified a close-method in the spring-context, which will  
call the close method containing the

I have read that one should only open one searcher object and use this for  
all searches, then close it when done... Well, that is a bit tricky i  
think. As for now i have to projects "reading" from the index (the old  
search-engine project) and this new web service. In addition the  
indexer-project is the only project writing to the index...

Any ideas or input to a mere beginner on how to organize this mess?

Sincerely yours,
Aleksander M. Stensby

Aleksander M. Stensby
Software Developer
Integrasco A/S
Tlf.: +47 41 22 82 72

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