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From digby <>
Subject Re: searching in more than fields on document
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 15:19:30 GMT
All sorted now. Of course, if I can loop through the properties of a 
bean to add them as fields to the document, then I can certainly do the 
same at query time to build the MultiFieldQueryParser. All done and 
working great.

Thanks for all your comments.

digby wrote:
> Basically, I've got a small app which allows me to update fields in 
> bunch of mysql tables using Hibernate. As I save each bean, I'm want to 
> add it to the lucene index aswell. However, I want the app to be as 
> generic as possible and at the moment it doesn't care what the bean is, 
> as long as there's a hibernate mapping, it will understand what to do.
> When the user is searching for the bean, I want them to be able to 
> search over all the fields, but a) there will be lots of beans in the 
> index with many different fields (so I can't know which ones to search 
> for), and b) the user won't necessarily know the field names (so they 
> can't specify them).
> Having said that, I've just realised I could loop through all the 
> properties defined in the hibernate mapping document and build up a 
> MultiFieldQueryParser, but just concatenating all the bean's properties 
> into a single field still seems like the easiest option (as well as 
> having the proper fields so they can search if they know the field name).
> Digby
> Michael D. Curtin wrote:
>> Not sure if I understand exactly what you want to do, but would the 
>> "<field>:<keyword>" syntax that QueryParser understands work for you?
>> That is, you could send query text like
>>     f1:foo f2:foo f3:foo
>> to search for "foo" in any of the 3 fields.  If you need boolean 
>> capabilities you can use parentheses, like so:
>>     +(f1:foo f2:foo f3:foo) +(f1:bar f2:bar f3:bar)
>> to mean "foo in some field, and bar in some field", or
>>     +(f1:foo f1:bar) +(f2:foo f2:bar) +(f3:foo f3:bar)
>> "foo or bar in all fields".
>> Would this work for ya?
>> --MDC

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