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From "Alan Boo" <>
Subject return single document from duplicated documents in index
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 06:27:54 GMT

i've two questions.

let's say the following is my index with 2 field : title and contents

title                   contents
beer                  beer is good
beer                  beer is good
cat                    sleepy
dog                   what a cute one!
beer                  beer is good

if i do a search on beer, i'll get 3 result returns and three of them
are the same, is there any elegant way to workaround so the hitlist
contains only one document instead of 3? (and i want the index
contains duplicate records for some reason)


yet, another senario,

title                   contents                      location
beer                  beer is god                   /usr/data/beer
beer                  beer is good                 /usr/data/beer
cat                    sleepy                         /usr/data/cat
dog                   what a cute one!           /usr/data/dog         555555555
beer                  beer is good                 /usr/data/beer2

i want to do a search on beer that will returns only the 2 result on
beer on different location and it must be the latest. is there any way
to do that?



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