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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Exact match on a single term / word
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 18:30:09 GMT

: I am trying to get Lucene to perform an exact match on a single term or word
: using the default query parser. It works fine whenever I have more than one
: word / term in the search string (it parses the string into a PhraseQuery
: with a slop of 0 which is correct). However when the search string just
: contains a single word ie "state", the query parser parses this into a
: TermQuery despite the quotes when I would have expected a phrase query.
: Is there any easy way around this?

the quotes tell the query parser to send the entire contents of the string
to the analyzer -- even if it has spaces (which query parser would
normally split on) and if your analyzer returns one token query parser
makes a TermQuery and if it returns more then one toke query parser makes
a PhraseQuery.

the real question is: why do you feel TermQuery is the wrong thing to use
in this case? ... if you're searching for a single Term, it's what makes
the most sense.


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