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From Bob Arens <>
Subject Re: Adding Fields to Documents with UnStored Fields - crazy scheme?
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 19:28:33 GMT
> : That kinda would be the point - "contents:germany" would get the  
> same
> : fileIDs, but "contents:germany title:medicine" would (hopefully)  
> give
> : us a more specific query.
> when you say "contents:germany title:medicine" i'm not sure if you are
> assuming that both clauses are mandatory or optional ... if they are
> optional then yeah you can do that, and in some cases you'll get  
> the same
> fileID twice .. if you mean you want the list of fileIDs that match  
> both
> clauses, you're not going to get any results back -- because no doc  
> with a
> contents field is going to have a title field, and no doc with a title
> field is going to have a contents field.
I'd want both clauses, so I'd have to write a Parser to make sure  
queries would get split up into the two different indices, right?  
Something to take "contents:germany title:medicine", send the  
"contents:germany" query to the IndexSearcher operating over the  
existing index, and the "title:medicine" query to the IndexSearcher  
operating over my new index. The Searchers get their results, I  
return the fileIDs in both.

Or is that just nuts?

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