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From Bob Arens <>
Subject Re: Adding Fields to Documents with UnStored Fields - crazy scheme?
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 18:21:15 GMT
> If the old index is optimized then you might be able to iterate  
> through
> all the docs in your old index (sorted by doc id) and for each  
> iteration
> add the corresponding doc to the new index so it has a matching doc  
> id.
> The idea being that after searching on one index you could use the doc
> id to look up the corresponding doc in the other index.

True - it would be like using Lucene as a thin relational DB.  
However, I don't want to just be able to associate the new fields  
with the old, I also want to be able to search over them.

Right now, I'm thinking of rolling a custom MultiSearcher that  
operates over two indices containing identical fileIDs, and returns  
the set intersection of fileIDs returned from their respective  
searches; i.e. a search for "contents:germany title:medicine" would  
get the fileIDs containing "germany" in the contents index, the  
fileIDs containing "medicine" in the new index, find the fileIDs in  
both sets of hits, and return them.

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