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From Bob Arens <>
Subject Adding Fields to Documents with UnStored Fields - crazy scheme?
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 03:42:59 GMT

I've been handed a legacy index containing Documents with two Fields;  
one is a file ID, the other is contents of the file. The contents  
field was added using UnStored. Now, we want to add fields. Oh, the  

I've looked through the archives, and previously suggested methods  
won't work well for us.
1. Recreating with Luke is infeasible, as our index is 1.8 Gigabytes  
in size.
2. Recreating the index from scratch will require the moving of the  
heavens and the earth.

My crazy idea - can we add new Documents to the index with the Fields  
we wish to add, and duplicate file IDs? i.e. an entry for file ID Foo  
would consist of two Documents,
Document X: fileID:<Foo>, contents:<unknown>
Document Y:fileID:<Foo>, title:<Bar>, url:<>, etc.

It would be no problem to implement different Searcher objects to  
look at specific Fields, we were already leaning in that direction  

So - is this scheme crazy enough to work? Thanks for your thoughts,

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