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From Karel Tejnora <>
Subject Re: spring & lucene
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 18:58:50 GMT
Not explict closing can lead especially when is allowed a lot of memory 
to JVM but small amount is used that old files will stay on the disk on 
Solution is in using ReentrantReadWriteLock
where the re-open method opens new indexreader at ThreadLocal
accuire write lock
saves old reference to IndexReader to his ThreadLocal
swaps global reference to new one
release write lock
close referenced by old one

if indexer and searcher are asynchronous (they don't know about each 
other doing, index reopen is based f.e. on quartz every min or so)
take care about using compound file format - the new segments are 
written to 'segments' file before they are created.

>We wrote ours for NetSearch to handle this specific issue. I suggest you
>create a holder class to hold the IndexReader and IndexSearcher, this
>can close them in the finalizer. Clients keep the holder until they are
>finished and then discard it. When it is completely de-referenced it
>will be closed. We also remove old indexes this way as well. Create a
>factory class for the holder that knows when an index is being updated,
>and creates new holders, when the index is not being updated it returns
>the same one each time.

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