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From Dominik Bruhn <>
Subject Sorting & SQL-Database
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 23:10:50 GMT
i use Lucene to index a SQL-Table which contains three fields: a index-field, 
the text to search in and another field. When adding a lucene document I let 
Lucene index the search-field and also save the id along with it in the 
lucene index.

Uppon searching I collect all ids and add them to a java-string with commas in 
between to issue a SQL-Query like this one:

SELECT id,addfield FROM table WHERE id IN ([LUCENERESULT]);

Where LUCENERESULT is like 2,3,19,3,5.

This works fine but got one problem: The Search-Result of Lucene is order by 
relevance and so the id-list is also sorted by relevance. But the result of 
the SQL-Query is sorted by the id which destroys the relevance-sorting.

Does anybody know a work-arround?

Dominik Bruhn

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