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From "Kurtis D. Rader" <>
Subject RemoteSearchable and isCurrent
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2006 01:01:44 GMT
Does anyone have an example of how to extend a RemoteSearchable so it
properly handles updates to the indexes it is searching?  That is, how
do I have my RemoteSearchable instance monitor its indexes for changes
and either gracefully terminate (so a new instance can be started) or
reopen the indexes?

Please bear in mind that I'm a Perl guru who can barely write a working
Java program from scratch.  I have a working search interface with a
custom parser. I have a working RemoteSearchable that can be queried by
my user interface. Now I'm working on the hard parts that are needed for
a production grade application. Such as being able to gracefully have
the RemoteSearchable()'s notice when an index has been updated and use
the updated index segments.

Kurtis (caretaker of the exceptional canines: Nick, Einstein, BJ, and Haley)

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