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From "bruce" <>
Subject use of lucene app..
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 01:13:38 GMT

is there a way to set lucene so that it only parses/crawls through a given
portion of a website...

i have a college site. i'm looking at simply extracting all the information
for a given section of the site, ie the registrar section... if i can
determine that i want all the pages underneath a given url, can lucene be
used as a possible solution...

also, when lucene returns data, can it be slammed/put into a large file/db
structure so i can extract the requisite information from it.

i'm wondering if i already more or less know the DOM structure of the
information i'm looking for, i could simply crawl the given section of the
college site, if i could figure out a way to limit the amount of information
that's returned.. i could then do a regex kind of search across the returned

my overall goal is to extract certain pieces of information from the section
of the college site that i crawl...

btw, how does lucene/nutch compare to heritrix?



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