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From "Mike Streeton" <>
Subject RE: search performance benchmarks
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 06:58:57 GMT
We recently ran some benchmarks on Linux with 4 xeon cpus and 2gb of
heap (not that this was needed). We managed to easily get 1000 term
based queries a second, this including the query execution time and
retrieving the top 10 documents from the index. We did notice some
contention as adding more clients (threads) kept the same average
execution time but increased the max processing time for some queries.
So the addition of clients caused a queue to build up, but the results
were still sub second with 100 clients, simultaneously executing queries
and using the times 10 rule, this would represent 1000 connected users.

Mike the home of NetSearch
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From: Wang, Jeff [] 
Sent: 26 June 2006 19:50
Subject: RE: search performance benchmarks

Performance varies a lot, and depends upon the number of indexes, the
number of fields, and the CPU/memory configuration.  For myself, a 65Gb
source indexed to 1Gb (or so) returns single term queries (oh yeah, the
query makeup also matters a lot) in sub seconds on a Intel dual
processor (each is 3.6Ghz I think.)  I frankly haven't tested out
scalability yet.

Emptoris, Inc.

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From: Vladimir Olenin [] 
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 7:56 AM
Subject: search performance benchmarks

I'm evaluating Lucene right now to use as a base for one open source
project. I found some _indexing_ benchmarks on the lucene website
(, but, after a short
browsing, couldn't find any 'runtime' performance benchmarks (Query
speed). Only one of the benchmarks contained some reference to the query
execution... Is there any other source of benchmarks I can refer to? Or
probably some heruistic rule that can help to estimate query execution
PS: let me know if details of the searched data will help in evaluation
- I'll be able to provide what I know at this point...

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