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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: search performance degrades by order of magnitude when using SortField.
Date Mon, 29 May 2006 21:56:25 GMT
: default Sort.RELEVANCE, query response time is ~6ms.  However, when I
: specify a sort, e.g. query, new Sort( "mydatefield" )
:  ), the query response time gets multiplied by a factor of 10 or 20.
: do a top-K ranking over the same number of raw hits.   The performance
: gets disproportionately worse as I increase the number of parallel
: threads that query the same Searcher object.

How many sequential queries are you running against the same Searcher
instance? ... the performance drop you are seeing may be a result of each
of those threads trying to build the same FieldCache on your sort field in

being 10x or 20x slower sounds like a lot .. but 10x 6ms is still only
60ms :) .. have you timed how long it takes just to build a FieldCache on
that field?

: Also, in my previous experience with sorting by a field in Lucene, I
: seem to remember there being a preload time when you first search with
: a sort by field, sometimes taking 30 seconds or so to load all of the
: field's values into the in-memory cache associated with the Searcher
: object.  This initial preload time doesn't seem to be happening in my
: case -- does that mean that for some reason Lucene is not caching the
: field values?

that's the FieldCache initialization i was refering to -- it's based on
reusing the same instenad of IndexReader (or IndexSearcher), as long as
you are using the same instance over and over you'll reuse the
FieldCache and only pay that cost once (or maybe N times if you have N
parrallel query threads and they all try to hit the FieldCache

30 seconds sounds extremely long though ... you may be remembering
incorrectly how significant the penalty was.

: I have an index of 1 million documents, taking up about 1.7G of
: diskspace.  I specify -Xmx2000m when running my java search
: application.

the big issue when sorting on a field is what type of data is in that
field: is it a int? a long? a String? .. if it is a String how often does
the same String value appear for multiple documents? .. these all affect
how much RAM the FieldCache takes up.  you mentioned sorting by date, did
you store the date as a String? in what format? with what precision?


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