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Subject Re: IOException Access Denied errors [ modified]
Date Wed, 24 May 2006 16:04:54 GMT

Another wild guess - it seems to be throwing the exception when merging
segments. Are you sure you've got write access to the directory that the
lock file is being created in. Lucene In Action has some details about
index locking and how you can change the location of the lock file - I'm
not sure if this has been tweaked in 1.9 though.

Regards (again)
Paul I.

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I can only think that the problem you're having is peculiar to your setup
or the way in which you are using Lucene. A wild guess - are you reaching
quota limits on your filesystem or something like this?

Paul I..

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Hi Dan

Dan Armbrust wrote:

> The MySQL drivers are horrible at dealing with large result sets -
> that article gives you the workaround to tell it to bring the results
> back as they are needed (like it should in the first place) but I have
> found that it isn't reliable - it tends to drop out at random points
> during the query - so you will get a different number of rows each
> time you rerun the query.  In MySQL - the only reliable way I have
> found to get all of the results from a large table is to use their
> "limit" keyword in the query, and only ask it for X (I usually use
> 10,000, but use whatever works best with your system) number of rows
> as a time, and then keep rerunning the query, incrementing up the
> start position of the "limit" keyword.  This issue also varies a lot
> from version to version of the driver - some versions have been
> completely broken, and others are only slightly broken.  To bad we
> can't get lucene quality code everywhere :)

The incremental query seems to work better. Thanks.

> >> Exception in thread "main" Access is denied
> To me, that really seems like you have an issue with the location that
> you are writing the index to.  I would make sure you have full write
> permissions to the location, and make sure there aren't some old /
> invalid files sitting in there.

Oh Im really quite tired of trying to resolve this "Access denied"
issue. Ive deleted and recreated the index directory umpteen times!
Finally I created a brand new directory in a brand new location and ran
my index program. Lucene seemed to index the results from the first
30000 queries (increments of 10000) successfully but then finally threw
this age-old error yet again !! ..  Can you or anyone else make any
sense of this? I surely cant !

Also the indexing seems to be noticeably slow. For indexing every 10000
result sets by allocating 1.4gb of memory at run time, it takes
approximately 20 seconds. With a database of a million records the total
time in indexing will take ~ 35 mins. Is that normal?


> Dan

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