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From "Irving, Dave" <>
Subject RE: Building queries
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 13:13:46 GMT


>> So, I just need to run the terms entered by the user in each field 
>> against the appropriate analyser, and build up the query that way. 
>> Does that sound like a sensible approach? Are there any 
>> code samples 
>> around showing how to run search phrases through analysers 
>> and build 
>> up a query?

> Warning! I'm relatively new to Lucene to, so you are 
> warned.. What I 
> did
> was add in the underlying index terms to the string, and use 
> a PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper to "do the right thing" with 
> QueryParser. Kinda like this...
> Let's say you have two fields, F1 and F2 that are indexed as 
> IDX1 and IDX2.
> The user enters "clause1" and "clause2" in the fields, respectively.
> Construct something like
> IDX1:(clause1) IDX2:(clause2) as a string.
> Construct a PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper for fields IDX1 and IDX2, 
> call it pFAW
> Construct a QueryParser (qp) with the default field and 
> analyzer wrapper (pFAW), and then you can call 
> qp.parse(constructed string);

If I understand that correctly, you're saying I supply QueryParser with
a per field analyser wrapper which delegates to the correct analyser for
each field - allowing Query Parser to build up the correct query - yeah?

This kinda leads me back to my "best practises" question: If Im building
up the query dynamically based off of several fields (rather than the
user entering a Lucene Query), Im kind of wondering If I should be using
query parser at all...?! I keep feeling that maybe I should just be
building up the Query programatically (although dynamically) based off
the fields.

But all the examples I can find seem to transform already split UI
fields back in to a single lucene query string and then put them through
a parser. 
However, if I don't use the QueryParser, I guess I've got to manually
run each field through the appropriate analyser as Im building up the
query terms. 

> Additional warning: watch out for TooManyClausesException if 
> you intend to allow wildcards. See the thread in this list "I 
> just don't get wildcards at all" for an exposition "the guys" 
> gave me on this issue.

Thanks for the tip - I don't think I'll be using wildcards though - so
hopefully I'll escape this problem :o)

> Best
> Erick

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