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From "Michael J. Prichard" <>
Subject Document design, analyzer questions?
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 18:45:06 GMT

I am working on a system that will index emails and their attachments.  
I have all the pieces working that parse the documents and I am now 
working on the actual indexing part.  I would like to have synonym 
searching as well.

Question is two fold.  One, here is the layout I was thinking:

Field 	Type 	Indexed/Unindexed 	Stored/UnStored
	Unindexed 	Stored
	Unindexed 	Stored
	Indexed 	Stored
ItemDate 	Field 	Indexed 	Unstored
ItemKeywords 	Field 	Indexed 	Unstored
ItemName 	Field 	Indexed 	Unstored
ItemContent 	Field 	Indexed 	Unstored
ItemFrom 	Field 	Indexed 	Unstored
ItemTo 	Field 	Indexed 	Unstored
ItemCC 	Field 	Indexed 	Unstored
ItemBCC 	Field 	Indexed 	Unstored

Searches will be combinations of To, From, CC, Date and Content.   Does 
this look ok?

Also, any recommendations on what analyzer to use?  I was thinking the 
synonym analyzer based on the one in the Lucene in Action book.


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