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From "Bryzek.Michael" <>
Subject RE: Does lucene works with NFS?
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 18:22:27 GMT
We ran into a problem when implementing a similar infrastructure using NFS. We were updating
our indexes continuously throughout the day which caused disk space problems when using NFS.
I no longer recall the specific details, but in our configuration, NFS did not appear to flush
stale file handles which then consumed disk space. Your configuration is different enough,
esp. w/ updates planned for a specific time frame, that NFS might be a good solution.

It may also be worth taking a close look at Solr. They provide for index replication via rsync.
We are in the process of moving from a custom Lucene application to a Solr based search application
and are extremely pleased with progress thus far.


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Sent:	Tue 5/2/06 12:09 PM
Subject:	Does lucene works with NFS?

We are developing a WebSphere application using Lucene. Can we use the
following architecture?
1. Store the index in a NFS file system which mount to all four UNIX
2. The WebSphere application just perform search (read only access to the
index on NFS). 
3. One of the four machines has a cron job that run every night to update
the index on the NFS.
Is this articture safe? The alternative is copy the index on all 4 machines.
Then each machine also need a cron job to run every night to update the
Which architecture do you recomend?
Ningjun Wang
Consulting Software Engineer

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