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From Paul Elschot <>
Subject Re: Tips on building a better BooleanQuery
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 08:02:31 GMT
On Friday 28 April 2006 23:09, Daniel Shane wrote:
> Hi!
> [I'm sorry for also posting this on the dev mailing list, but I was not sure
> in which one it would be best, so if there is a moderator, please kill
> either one.]
> I'm planning on contributing to Lucene by adding a new kind of query. I dont
> know how to call it yet, but it would be a mix of BooleanQuery and
> ExactPhraseQuery.
> I would like to have a Query that is a BooleanQuery, but with a slight touch
> where it would boost results if it finds the query terms in a an exact
> phrase.
> For example, if I have terms A, B and C and I do a simple boolean search : A
> B C, I would like to have a query that behaves a bit like if I rewrote this
> query as such :
> +A +B +C "A B" "B C" "A B C"
> This would boost results where the exact string "A B C" or any substring
> like "A B" or "B C" are found.
> Of course I could rewrite all the queries, but it takes way too long to
> search which this algorithm. I wanted to know if anyone has any ideas in
> what direction I should go, or if its easy or not to implement this idea by
> modifying or extending some already existing Query classes.
> I'm fairly new to Lucene although I know a bit about search engines, idf,
> etc... but I've tried to understand BooleanQuery and ExactPhraseQuery to see
> how I could modify them and I'm having a bit of a problem understanding it
> all on my own I guess.
> Any help or comments would be appreciated, and if it works well I do think
> it would be a good addition to the Lucene code base (I think this query
> should be used as a default in the QueryParser if it works ok instead of a
> simple BooleanQuery).

Have a look in the archives at the thread "Lucene performance bottlenecks"
that started on 2 Dec 2005.

There are some recommendations there on how to implement a Scorer
for such a query.

Paul Elschot

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