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From Sami Dalouche <>
Subject Lucene search optimization
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 15:12:07 GMT

I have 2 million documents, with a name property. (~15 to 20
Fuzzy searching against this property takes around 3 seconds, which is
way too much for what I plan to do, so I am considering the possible
optimizations. I can add a property to each of the documents, that could
partition the document space into 400 spaces. Each space would then be
limited to 5000 documents, which should be small enough to make the
fuzzy search faster.

However, my question is : how do I take advantage of this additional
property ? Using a traditional RDBMS, I would add an index on the field,
but on Lucene, I'm not sure of how to proceed. Would filters be the way
to go ?
Could a Caching Wrapperfilter help even more ?

Additionnally, the additional property is an id, so can I store it as a
number so that it is faster (I guess) than string comparison ?

Thanks a lot,
Sami Dalouche

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