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From karl wettin <>
Subject Re:
Date Sun, 28 May 2006 03:10:36 GMT
On Sat, 2006-05-27 at 21:21 -0400, Yonik Seeley wrote:
> On 5/27/06, karl wettin <> wrote:
> > Is there a one method all searches are routed though that I can
> > interface with a decorator or so to catch all Hits created?
> Search results, or only actual Hits objects?
> For Hits, perhaps the 4 methods on Searcher that return Hits.

I want to catch all search results created by the searcher.

> But IMO, callbacks and decorators shouldn't be spread all over
> Lucene... it's easy cache Hits at a higher layer... create a
> CachingSearcher or something.  You need to write code to use lucene
> for your specific application anyway. 

No callbacks here. Just decorator. Simple JIT-optimized pattern that in
my view fits exceptionally well in a project with many implementations.

It is about reusing code by skipping dependencies to some ad-hoc layer.

This time I will use it to transparently connect any searcher to my
statistical analysis of queries and results.

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