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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject re: multiple indexes
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 18:14:21 GMT

can you provide a little more clarification as to what it is you are
trying to achieve (not just the way you hope to achieve it)

Specificly: I can't make sense of what you would expect to get back with a
query like this...

    index1:query1 AND index2:query2

...traditionally, a query for "A and B" means that only documents qhich
match both clause A and clause B can be returned, but if you are
suggesting that clause A would only be searched against index1, and clause
B would only be searched against index2, then how could any document match
your resulting query?

: I know it is possible to query against multiple indexes, but is it
: possible to create a composite query in which part of the query is
: against one index and part is against another (similar to querying
: against a default and a second field)?
: for example  index1:query1 AND index2:query2
: I thought about querying them separately and combining the scores but
: would like to use lucene's scoring formula all the way through for
: consistency and for evaluation purposes.
: Thanks,
: Mike D


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