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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: highlighting - fuzzy search
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 05:18:38 GMT

: > Well, a roundabout way is to simply create a FuzzyQuery, rewrite it,
: > cast it to a BooleanQuery and use the BooleanQuery API to extract the
: > TermQuery objects and the Term within the TermQuery has what you're

: We take an approach somewhere down the middle...
:      FuzzyQuery q = ...
:      FilteredTermEnum enum = q.getEnum(reader);
: In fact our own code takes any query and looks at the type of it to
: extract terms from it, potentially recursively if it encounters a
: BooleanQuery.  It would be Really Nice [TM] if Lucene had a method on
: the Query class to do this directly. :-)

Isn't that what Query.extractTerms is for?  Isn't it implimented by all
primitive Queries, so you should be able to say...

	HashSet terms = new HashSet();

...and have yourself a list of all the terms?


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