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From Jeremy Hanna <>
Subject Boosting Fields (in index) or Queries
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 23:52:32 GMT
I have a situation where I'm indexing database entries and have  
fields such as:

category name

I am trying to set a priority higher for the name, category name, and  

I've tried setting the fields' boost values as I've indexed the db  
and it seemed to have little or no result.

When I tried to do the queries, I started using the  
MultiFieldQueryParser but found that those don't have priority or  
boost values you can set on any of the Fields at query time.  Then I  
tried to have separate query parsers - one for each field.  That way  
I could set a boost level for each of the queries created by those  
query parsers.  I joined them together with a BooleanQuery and all of  
them set to BooleanQuery.Occur.SHOULD.  I ended up setting the  
features, specifications, and description to default to  
Query.Operator.AND and that helped, but the boost value seems to do  

I try to set the categoryParser's query boost to 4.0f, then 8.0f,  
then 20.0f and have tried downgrading other queries, but the results  
don't change at all in their order.

I am using 1.9.1 and for my database I'm using hibernate to mysql 5  
and ArrayLists with the bag mapping in hibernate.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?



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