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From Mufaddal Khumri <>
Subject Tuning Indexing performance question ..
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2006 22:14:02 GMT

I am using a multi threaded app to index a bunch of Data. The app spawns 
X number of threads. Each thread writes to a RAMDirectory. When thread 
finishes it work, the contents from the RAMDirectory are written into 
the FSDirectory. All threads are passed an instance of the FSWriter when 
they are created.

Now, reading the Lucened docs, I understand the indexing performance can 
be further tweaked by playing with mergeFactor, maxMergeDocs and 
minMergeDocs. Am I understanding this right that these three parameters 
effect the writing of the index to the FSDirectory and not to the 
RAMDirectory (Since a RAMDirectory exists entirely in memory)? In other 
words, does tweaking the three parameters - mergeFactor, maxMergeDocs 
and minMergeDocs effect the performance of writing to the RAMDirectory?


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