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From Supriya Kumar Shyamal <>
Subject Fetch Documents Without Retrieveing All Fields
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2006 20:03:40 GMT
Hi All,

I found a interesting point mentioned in by Shashank.

Of course there is no doubt that search in Lucene index is faster but 
sometimes the retrieving the hitDocs is slower(for Ex. when we try to 
retrieve more than 10000 documents  from hits). May be my scenario is a 
special case but I find the option mentioned in the article can be 
optional functionality in future release of lucene.

Small example based on the my integration of lucene in the project ..

I have integrated lucene search engine for one of our project in the 
company, there I have a book index with each document has more than 15 
fields to do speific search, but out of that after I do the search I 
just want to retrieve the value of one field named "DBID" which is the 
database table column id and for rendering in the frontend I retrieve 
the data from database. In this case I really don't require all the 
field values form the document. Also sometimes I get a OutOfMemorry 
Error when I try to retriev more than 10000 documents at once.

The advantage I found after I try to implement the above idea, the 
performance improved a lot and also I don't get any OutOfMemory error.

Just a small idea which is not entirely mine but I feel its a good option.

With Regards,

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Regards
Supriya Kumar Shyamal

Software Developer
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