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From "Mike Streeton" <>
Subject RE: Regarding Indexes
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2006 13:06:41 GMT
When doing this use a filter to restrict the query results to just those
for a users company. This will not affect the ranking then.

Mike the home of NetSearch
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From: Mufaddal Khumri [] 
Sent: 31 March 2006 20:33
Subject: RE: Regarding Indexes

The solution to your problem lies in answers to many business domain
specific questions like:

1. Will each company only want to carry out searches on their data or on
ALL the data? 
2. If you do not know the answer to that, is there a chance that the
some companies would want to search only their data and some others
would want to search data from company a and company b? and yet another
company would want to search all the data?
3. How does having just one index opposed to individual indexes affect
indexing given the load that it will have to handle from one or more
companies? [Note: you could also index data from a group of companies
according to howmuch data on average they might have]
4. It might turn up that at this point you nor the companies might have
no way of knowing howmuch data they will have, in that case you will
have to use your best judgement in what path to take and build your app
in an a way such that it can be abstracted from whether the index is
being indexed in one index or in multiple indexes. Later you can toy
around with different setups as you get more understanding on the usage
of the application.

One way is to index all the data from a particular company with one of
the terms being "companyIdentifier" ... This way you will have the
ability to search within a company d's data or within a few different
company's data or the entire search index.


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From: Ravi [] 
Sent: Friday, March 31, 2006 9:22 AM
Subject: Regarding Indexes

Hi Luceners,


  This is the my problem . Can any body give the solution for this one..



I am going to implement for the company which is going to Support ASP
(Application Service Provider )  model. 


In this model , around 200 companies are going to register with us and
there documents and searches them . 

Now the problem is shall I maintain individual index files for each
or maintain single index file for all the companies.



If I maintain  individual index files then I need to create 200 searcher
objects for them because. each index should be searched..


But if I maintain single index file , I can have one single index
but I need to add the condition for each document. And more over in
if any body needed there own data we can not provide them .. so please
me which model can help us to solve this problem.. the key point in this
application is add/modify/delete will occur very frequently . Please
help me
.... I am waiting for your feed back





Ravi Kumar Jaladanki



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