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From "Samuru Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Get list with found words for a hit?
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 20:38:30 GMT

> For the purpose of highlighting, you don't necessarily need to know in
> advance
> which word matched: you can just highlight any occurance of either Paris or
> London - wherever you find them - in the original text.

As I just discovered that Highlighter is not what I need in my
project. It would take too long to explain what kind of results I'm
presenting but it won't work out with Highlighter.

Is there a way to retrieve only the search "words" the user entered in BNF form?
Query  ::= ( Clause )*
Clause ::= ["+", "-"] [<TERM> ":"] ( <TERM> | "(" Query ")" )

For example the user entered: +Paris -London

I want to get a List that contains only {Paris, London}

Is there any method or class that can do that for me?

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