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From "Yonik Seeley" <>
Subject Re: Help interpreting explanation
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 16:00:01 GMT
On 3/3/06, Eugene <> wrote:
> Hi Yonik,
> Thanks a lot, I think i understand how explanation works better now.
> But, there's something weird I noticed. I've a query like:
> "problem formulation each possible x probability p x y find x p x y
> maximized how compute p x y"
> The weird thing is that literals like "problem", "formulation" and other
> words don't show up in explanation only "p" "x" and "y" do show up. And
> I get returned a hit score of 1.0 when the explanation output is 1.3260187:
> Explanation = 1.3260187 = product of:
>    2.410943 = sum of:
> .....
> So, basically 2 simple questions:
> 1) How do I make all the literals in my query show up in explanation?

Only the literals that match that particular document will show up in
the explain for that document.  So the explain that you showed before
either belonged to a document that only matched "x" and "y" from all
the terms in your query, or you have an analyzer problem that is
causing more terms not to match (try using the same analyzer to query
that you used to index the document)

> 2) How does Lucene convert an Explanation score of 1.3260187 to 1.0?

The Hits class normalizes scores by dividing all scores by the highest
score, if that highest score is above 1.0.


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