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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: BooleanQuery$TooManyClauses with 1.9.1 when Number RangeQuery
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 01:49:24 GMT

: > You mean Theoritically
: > RangeQuery should be forbidden because it always has potential time bomb ?
: > Should we comment it in javadoc ?

In my opinion, the only reason to use RangeQuery is if you are dealing
with very controlled ranges, where you know hte number of terms it will
expand to is small.  If you are just parsing a user supplied query, and
you have no control over what they give you, i would always use a

: I found the comment at the BooleanQuery javadoc.
: the default value is 1024.
: But still I don't understand why happend after using NumberTool at 1.9.1

As I said, it may not have anything to do with 1.9.1 or NumberTools, it
may have just been that when you built your new index, you had more
documents with more unique values in that range.

(or maybe there has been some change in NumberTools i'm not aware of .. i
don't know, but i would advise against RangeQuery either way)


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